My Approach

Working with You

I like to work with my clients on a one-on-one basis.  Giving them 100% of my attention for the whole session. Home visits mean no interruptions from other clients or staff. This allows for quality time.  Sessions are effective but fun.

Your concerns are my number one priority.   I find my visits to the elderly are also a time to socialise.  My clients often live alone and may not have seen anyone for some time.  I like to bring a little sunshine to their lives and brighten their day.

It’s also important to put in the effort to get the most out of it. At Stay Active Physiotherapy I pride myself on achieving both of these. So expect to be pushed a little to make the most of your treatment.

One of my new clients was really frustrated when I met him.  He said he wasn’t able to stand from sitting without assistance. He had accepted this was the way it was.  He felt he had lost his independence.

By showing him a simple technique he was able to stand unaided, which restored his confidence. His comment was “why haven’t I been shown this earlier?”

Your health and safety are always my number one priority. My ambition is to enable you to live independently. Be comfortable and pain free.

I find that my clients are fiercely independent.  They would rather be in their own home than moved into a nursing home. They want to be surrounded by their comforts and fond memories.

Staying active is the key to staying independent

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