Mobile Physio

Mobile physio Hornsby and surrounding areas

I visit you in the comfort of your own home. I also visit aged care facilities and community settings.  Aged care physio is my passion.

Health care appointments can be time consuming and not everyone can or wants to drive. Medical conditions or injuries can affect mobility and independence.

The benefits of a mobile physio include :

  • no need to deal with public transport
  • no trying to find a parking spot
  • no relying on family and friends
  • no waiting around while the therapist sees to other clients
  • one-on-one 100% attention for the whole session
  • you build a relationship with one therapist
  • allows home assessment for obstacles or beneficial aids
  • no additional cost for a mobile physio service

How mobile physio can help

daniByCarPhysiotherapy can be of benefit at any age for injuries, medical conditions or age related problems.

Physio works on improving quality of life by alleviating pain and restoring function. Physiotherapists in Australia are university trained and must be registered.

Early post-operative physio plays an important role in recovery.  It is especially important in the elderly.  It restores strength, function and speeds recovery, giving back independence.

Common conditions in the elderly

As you age your body loses some of its function affecting strength, balance and mobility. If you don’t maintain this function the situation gets worse.

This means you are more likely to get an injury and your risk of a fall increases. Daily activities such as walking, standing and reaching, can become too hard.

Conditions that reduce mobility or cause pain can benefit from a mobile physio :

  • back, shoulder and knee pain
  • arthritis
  • injuries
  • loss of strength
  • balance issues
  • pre and post-surgery rehabilitation
  • neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, M.S. or a stroke

See my services link for common concerns.  Or you may be interested in how Aged Care Physio can help you.


Your treatment plan should be written for you as recovery differs in individuals.  Through monitoring, treatment should be adapted with your progress.  This is important for excellent results.

Treatment should reduce your pain and speed up recovery.  Restoring strength and mobility.

It should also help prevent injury in the future.  With strength and mobility you lessen future risks. As your muscles become stronger, the likelihood of a fall is reduced.  You are more likely to be able to stop yourself from falling.

Your treatment plan can include both passive and active therapies.

Passive therapies include :

  • mobilisation of your joints
  • cold or heat treatment
  • muscle and nerve massage

Active therapies include :

  • an individual exercise program
  • manual techniques to stretch muscles
  • reflexology of the feet
  • fall prevention strategies
  • assessment of mobility aids

Physiotherapy should be enjoyable and fun.  The best results come from putting in the effort.  At Stay Active Physiotherapy I pride myself on achieving both of these. Expect to be pushed a little to get the most of your treatment.

My mobile physio service operates in the Hornsby and surrounding areas.  Servicing the Sydney Upper North Shore.
I pride myself in my one-on-one patient care.  Providing a fun but effective service. My goal is to improve your quality of life.  Brightening your day along the way.

Find out more about me here. You can call or contact me below to book an appointment.