Foot Reflexology

What is Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology chart as used to treat elderly physiotherapy patients

Foot reflexology applies thumb pressure to precise areas of the foot. These areas correspond to specific parts of the body. The whole of the foot will be worked on looking for tightness or pain.

The area of the foot corresponding to a particular problem will have pressure applied. This allows the corresponding nerve pathways to release and relax. This brings the body back into balance.

Reflexology of the foot is safe and effective and is often used to complement medical treatments. Its effects can be observed during the treatment and benefits continue afterwards.


I studied under Hanne Marquardt who is a pioneer in teaching and practicing foot reflexology in Germany.

Hanne was a trained nurse and massage therapist who has trained over 30,000 reflexologists in her renowned school.

Hanne initially set out to challenge the theory of reflexology of the feet because she thought it too simplistic.

Over 9 years of experimentation, she was able to prove that specific areas in the feet had a direct link with organs and systems in the whole body.

She immediately observed the positive effects of reflexology during treatment. She developed it to a professional level in Germany and in a number of other countries. The reliability of this therapy has been proven.
Foot reflexology in action on elderly physiotherapy patient
I have been working with reflexology of the feet for many years and find it to be reliable and of great benefit to my clients.

As part of my holistic approach to health care, I include reflexology of the feet alongside my physiotherapy practices.

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